KROPPEN: Leeanne Stoddart

Leeanne Stoddart (ENG/US)

Leeanne Stoddart hates writing intros about herself and prefers to write poems about people she loves, fantasies she has, and her hair. She is originally from and currently residing in Birmingham, England after a long and winding journey that took her across small-town America (including Homewood–a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama!) and eventually back to Birmingham, UK.

Hårfarge: Technically my hair is black, but I wear it shaved so short most of the time it could be considered skin-coloured which in my case is brown.
Hva drømmer du om: Lately I’ve been dreaming (and day-dreaming) about conversations I will have with my hypothetical potential children.
Høyhælte eller flate sko: Flats definitely.
Hater/forakter: I can’t stand being stereotyped. Of course I’m a total hypocrite, because I stereotype people too, but I do enjoy it when I have a chance to break a stereotype or witness one being broken.
Du vinner 40 000 kr på Bjerke travbane, hva bruker du pengene på? Travelling: plane tickets and accommodation to a location somewhere sunny, actually I could probably get a couple trips out of that or maybe take someone special with me instead.
Tidenes største helt/forbilde: This is a hard one I’m actually composing a list to impose upon my aforementioned hypothetical potential children actually. At the moment I’d have to say Jonas Salk. I keep coming back to him. He invited the most effective polio vaccine. He never tried to patent it and he never made any money from it. I have no aspirations to be a scientist, but I am trying to develop that type of unselfishness.
Hvis du kunne hatt byttet  din med  til et dyr for en dag – hvilket dyr? (Ditt indre sjeleliv ville vært det samme.) While I am scared of pretty much every creature in the animal kingdom I do have an affinity for birds (as long as I’m looking at them from a distance if a pigeon flies too close to my head I still totally freak out). In North America there is a small bird called a cardinal. The male is a very vibrant bright red colour. The female is a pretty brown. They both have orange beaks. I think flying would be very convenient.
Hvilken sdel på menneske i vårt samfunn syns du får ufortjent liten oppmerksomhet?
Og hvilken får for mye oppmerksomhet?
Necks receive too little attention. There are some very soft and delicious parts to a nice neck. Breasts definitely get too much attention. I don’t see what the big deal is.

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