MAKT: Stuart Bowden

Stuart Bowden maktStuart Bowden, performer, komiker, forteller og musiker fra Australia surfer inn og blir headliner under Andre Historiers Special Edition lørdag 31. mai kl. 22.00 på Caféteatret. Han har vunnet en rekke priser for sine shows, og er en opplevelse det virkelig er verdt å få med seg. I tillegg til å se ham på Andre Historier kan du også se showet «She was probably not a robot» på Det Andre Teatret 30. og 31. mai kl. 19.00. Les mer om Stuart på hjemmesiden hans.. Les Stuarts svar på våre spørsmål her:

When is the last time you can remember being the subject of an abuse of power? I was walking on the on the Charles Bridge in Prague yesterday, surrounded by slow walking tourists, when an immense and powerful storm cloud unleashed it’s almighty power upon us all. All of the perspicacious tourists around me popped out their hundreds of colourful umbrellas, but I was unarmed. I was defenceless to its abusive wetness. With no shelter available I darted and weaved through the crowds of slow-walkers, popping myself under strangers umbrellas along the way. But by the time I finally took full shelter in a cafe on the other side of the bridge I was deeply damaged by the skin-wrinkling deluge. I therefore do not believe that such storms should be allowed to wield such volumes of water.
You win 40 grand on horse racing. What will you use the money for? I’d like to think I would buy all the horses and grant them a good life on a free range horse park. But honestly I’d probably just use it on rent for as long as possible.
What is your relationship to selfies? I went through a very big selfie phase when I was traveling alone and terribly lonely – here’s me on top of a hill – here’s me next to a big statue – here’s me in a crowded bar drinking by myself. Now I associate them with loneliness.
Did you exercise power today? I used the kitchen to make breakfast with such an immense force it was impossible for anyone to use the kitchen for half an hour after me. So, so far I’m having quite a successful day.

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