MAKT: Rachel Rose Reid

rachel rose reid maktRachel Rose Reid er en av Storbritannias store slampoeter og fortellere.

Hun kommer til Fortellerfestivalen med sitt kritikerroste stykke I’m Hans Christian Andersen, hvor hun blander sitt og H.C. Andersens privatliv med de personlige brevene og kunsteventyrene hans, særlig eventyret om «Den lille Havfruen».

Sagt om Rachel: «Watching her perform is a joy to behold. When she talks she has the audience enchanted from start to finish, delivered in a rapid-fire delivery that constantly ebbs and flows in speed and style further enhanced by her ability to make the world around her seem like a magical place but all grounded in reality with her witty, dry delivery.»

Vi ser fram til å ha henne som gjest på Andre Historier!!

Oppdatering – hun har også nå svart på våre spørsmål:

When is the last time you can remember being the subject of an abuse of power? This past European election. When the voter turnout in the UK was around 36%, and a large number of that active electorate voted for a party well known for its prejudice against minorities and right wing views.
In the UK, regular people have had the right to vote for less than 100 years. It is an abuse of our power not to use that vote. If you believe in taking further actions, you should pursue them. But sitting still is not an option. As a well known saying goes, «You may not take an interest in politics but politics will take an interest in you»
What is your relationship to selfies? Ik! The last one I took was me and my friend’s baby. Hopefully most of the attention will go on the baby. I think if i take photos of myself, it is not so much to say ‘look at me’ but ‘look at this place I’m in’
Did you exercise power today? Without even noticing it, in every action. it is so well hidden. Oh, look. Here’s my cup of harbal tea. The tea is fairtrade. Are the workers receiving the wage I think they are? Are they happy? How much of this awareness can I possibly hold in mind, when every step i take is supported by a great, interdependent chain of humanity? I’m already feeling dizzy.

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